Colonial Williamsburg

colonial-williamsburg-1It wasn’t until America gained it’s independence from Britain that Virginia’s capital was moved to Richmond – a more secure and centrally located city. Previously, from 1699 to 1780, Williamsburg was the prosperous center of what was then more sprawling, densely populated, and powerful than any other colony. It was during these significant years that the vision of America as an independent, liberated country was born. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and George Mason were just a few of the early patriots who cultivated the seeds of our democracy in Williamsburg, founding the notions of responsible leadership, belief in public service, autonomy, and individual freedom that underlie our government today. As a political, cultural, and educational midpoint for colonial America, Williamsburg, VA truly was the cornerstone for what is the United States today.

A forty-year reconstruction period was initiated and funded in the mid-twenties by the late John D. Rockefeller Jr. and the Reverend Dr. W.A.R. Goodwin, rector of Bruton Parish Church. Rockefeller and Goodwin both shared a passion for restoring and protecting what they saw as a landmark essential to the preservation of American history. Their efforts have kept Colonial Williamsburg an accurate and constant reminder of America’s humble beginnings.

colonial-williamsburg-2Today, Colonial Williamsburg offers an abundance of history, entertainment, and culture to visitors from around the world. Whether it’s a guided tour or a leisurely stroll, the town itself is a visual retreat to colonial days. With more than eighty preserved original colonial structures, re-enactment events, and educational forums, Williamsburg breathes life into history and provides a wealth of enlightening resources. School teachers are offered a host of instructional tools, with electronic field trips, outreach programs, and the Williamsburg Teacher Institute at their fingertips.

If culture is your curiosity, explore Merchants Square, an old-fashioned retail center featuring artisan crafts, galleries, and gourmet foods.

As an equally modern town, Williamsburg, VA also offers all the amenities for a fun and relaxing vacation. Major theme parks, golf courses, parks, and even wineries can be found within the area, and shopping and dining options are plentiful. With special events throughout the year and all the comforts of home in a uniquely significant stopping point on the American map, Colonial Williamsburg is an experience to be remembered.

While visiting Colonial Williamsburg, you should also explore Jamestown and Historic Yorktown, VA!

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